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Featured Book on the front page of the website

Our website features a category of Featured Books for books from authors in our bestseller list. For an author to get their book featured on the hot new release, it must be 30 days old since its publication. Books with upcoming release dates are also featured in this category. Our hot new release feature is an excellent approach to assist promote new books to readers. It also boosts the authors' efforts in the promotion of new books. The more copies you sell during the specified period of 30 days, the more heavily we will help you promote your book. We will direct more new readers to check out your book. This explains why establishing a great book launch is vital for success when you publish a new book. The more you promote your book during the launch, the more our team will pick the burden. Your book will feature more times in the hot new releases and other promotional packages.

Recommended for you

On this service, we make recommendations to readers based on books they already know. All readers' past purchases of books help our team figure out what they might like to buy next. Your reader's circle will get instant notifications of your new book through this service as an author. This interprets how maintaining more promotions of your book with us creates more sales momentum. It also helps create traffic for your book on a long term basis. The more you promote your book with us, the more we will start featuring your book in the "recommended for you" category. Readers who have bought books similar to yours from our website will be given an option to review your book. This will happen when we frequently promote with us and earn enough reviews from our customers. We will ensure to promote your book to realize a steady increase in sales and traffic for a long time.

New and Noteworthy Books

The service promotes books featured in the Hot New Releases category and is in the bestselling books of all Hot New Releases on our website. The service also covers books that are up to 90 days after their release. If your book has an excellent performance in the Hot New Release category on our website during its first 30 days, the high your chances of getting featured in the New and Noteworthy books section. This will help you attract more new sales for your book. This service pulls the attention of many authors from all categories of books featured on our website. If you sell two thousand copies of your book within the first 30 days, you get a direct feature in the New and Noteworthy section.

professional book covers designing

Book promotion starts while you're still writing a book. A book cover is an essential part of your book. It is what readers have a physical connection with at first sight. We offer professional cover designs for your book after reviewing your content. Book covers may sound ordinary to highlight in a book promotion website, but it matters more than you think. Many authors have invested thousands and thousands of dollars in book promotion campaigns that yield close to nothing in sales. This is all because they used a bad cover. If you don't choose the right cover, it will cost you your efforts soul dedication into writing a book. You will kill any chances of selling copies of your book. If you have already written a book and you're struggling in sales, consider getting a cover revamp. Our team will take you through the process step by step.

Books related to items you’ve searched

This service showcases related books on our website that are frequently clicked on and viewed by readers. The more times readers click on your book's page on our website, the more we recommend and promote your book. A lot of authors are unfamiliar with this service, which translates to less competition. There are guidelines to use this service to make more sales over the long-term. For instance, you can buy traffic for your book's page on our website. You can access our website Ads, which create ad listings on the website to promote your book. This makes sure that anyone who clicks your ad is a potential customer, and our team will track these clicks to help your book appear in readers “customers who viewed this also viewed” category.