About us

About us

Book promotion has become a breath-taking assignment for every author. Authors encounter stiff competition while selling and promoting their books. Free giveaway for books is also a challenge to authors.

We are a book promotion website that focuses more on quality than quantity regarding our reader’s base. We step in to give authors a helping hand with our online book promotion website. We own all your burdens of promotion. We allow you to focus on your next book. We have assisted many authors and shaped their careers by hiking their sales to the next level.

Through our website, authors have had an opportunity to raise their sales momentum when everyone in their field is going down. We include a permanent book listing and a sample chapter from every author's book. We make the sample chapter downloadable from our website. The chapter has a book buying a link on the above and end of the sample chapter. Readers can use the links to purchase your book directly.

We have market beliefs that keep our website going. We acknowledge no two books are the same. No two authors are the same. To enable authors, excel in a competitive market. We maintain compelling promotional copies at readers' disposal.

We come up with irresistible author’s book cover, descriptions, social media blogs, and promotion campaigns. This uniqueness helps authors who choose to promote their books with us outshine the competition. You can read what authors feel about their book promotion results and testimonials from our website.

It would be best if you advertised with us because our book promotion website is well designed. Our website is boosted with unique features to assist authors in marketing their brand. Here are the top features on our website to help authors increase their sales:

  • Books with retailer links
  • Author’s biography in the third person
  • Author’s headshot with photography credit
  • A means of sharing authors updates
  • A way to get in touch with authors